A Mystical Adventure

The Adventure Begins!

Adrenaline races through your body as you feel yourself falling. Swirls of colors circle around you, memories of your life before darting in and out of your mind, making you question your sanity. Your head aches terribly. It feels like you have been falling for hours. Eventually you hit the ground. Pain wracks your body as you land flat on your back. The air escapes your lungs, forcing you to take a few moments to breathe and regain your composure.

Lifting yourself up, you take a look at your surroundings. A vast field stretches across your vision, and you see that two suns rest in the sky, close in proximity to one another. The warmth they give is comforting. The field has an aura of eternal spring, as if the fresh green color of the grass beneath your feet would never fade.

As you look around, you feel something furry press against your ankle. You look down and gasp in shock as a small cat-like creature looks up at you, tiny wings flapping on its back.

The little creature glances up at you and cocks its head to the side curiously, waiting to see what you would do.