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Wild Night

You grab your dress from the other night, find your pumps scattered across the room and slide them on, and softly tiptoe your way out of Jake's apartment.

You're outside the apartment building, trying to remember who the man you just slept with was while looking for a taxi to bring you to your car.

"Sophie!" a voice from nearby shouts. You turn your head and see a familiar brown-haired, attractive young man. You subconsciously fix your hair while trying to remember exactly why this man looks familiar.

The cab you were waiting for pulls over. The man looks at you curiously. "You left the bar so quickly last night, and I think it's a little my fault for scaring you like that. Thanks for the hit to the balls, by the way." The man says, with a smile on his face.

You laugh, still uncertain of who this man was, how he knew your name or what he was talking about.