Wild Night

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by Bubbythenarwhal on Mar 10, 2016
I gave it 2 because it makes me feel better about my spelling.
by jcury on May 15, 2014
by Clark on Mar 25, 2013
by Artazansss on Sep 25, 2011
by elainelevy on Sep 3, 2011
by xsamxmx on Jun 21, 2010
by emily77 on Jul 1, 2009
by KaticaLocke on Feb 26, 2008
I think I'll give this a slightly higher score just solely for the fact that it allowed Chubby to tell a short anecdote about gay guys hitting on him which was way more amusing than the actual story.
by EndMaster on Feb 2, 2007
I think this story deserves a little more credit, if nothing else than for the fact that so many people have contributed (for better or worse...).
by Vesnicie on Nov 26, 2006
I like boobies. How about we stop talking about gays and start talking about them?
by jeffisthebest on Nov 26, 2005
Actually, the only gay people I've ever known all turned out to be creeps. I'm convinced every gay man has been molested as a child.

One guy ended up screwing me out of $100 (not literally) the other one ended up hitting on me. Actually they both did, and they both admired my ass - which did flatter me, I must admit. It got to the point where one of them was trying to convince me that I'm 'lying to myself, and that I really loved him and I'm really gay'

That's when I told him to go to Hell. I thought I was an open-minded man of the 21st century, but gay people creep me out.

Anyway, this is turning into a tangent. This story is pretty horrible. Pixielaughs is it's only redeeming value.
by ChubbyTeletubby on Jul 9, 2005
This story was defenitely a poorly written and a poorly made one. The idea is pretty shitty overall and the story tries to be funny but ends up being... stupid.

As for they gay steroetype? Who cares? Whoever made the story didn't make it with the sole intention of offendng gay people. The person who made the story probably knows gay people don't really act how he portrayed them in his story. The person was just trying to be funny, not mean... even though the failed miserably.
by YazZMaN on Jul 3, 2005
Do you like metaphors?

This reads like shit.
by donteatpoop on Jul 2, 2005
by sweetness on Jun 26, 2005
by xxdarkflaimexx on Apr 5, 2005
by Mechaman on May 4, 2004
I actually think Pixielaughs is hilarious. I get your point about stereotypes of gay men, but on the whole she is subverting the genre in an entertaining way. If it wasn't for Pixielaughs, this would rate a 4 at best
by Bassoonist on Feb 20, 2004
The best of its genre...the genre being immature sexcapades. Sure, its mostly infantile, but its still a fun one.
by EnderWiggin on Feb 1, 2004
I've got to agree with Rpgxper on this one. I've known quite a few gay men and none of them have acted like this, except for when they were taking the piss out of the stereotype.
by CelticFrostQueen on Jan 30, 2004
I must admit, I was utterly offending by some of the rooms people created. Such as this one below. When you choose "go to the 1-guy table" and "you are a guy" this shows up. The freak who created this was not even gay, but probably an immature 11-year old trying to make gay people look bad. I've noticed a lot of crap like this. This gay stereo-type has to end. Do you know what I mean?

Here it is:

Chapter Tree Level: 3 | Room ID: 9471

The guy at the table jumps up and gives you a big hug. "Hey, sweetie!" he purrs, "I've been waiting forEVER! Where have you BEEN?". You make a half-assed excuse about having to stay late at work again. Your boyfriend's eyes shift to the floor. It's obvious that he doesn't believe you. You guys have been having trouble in your relationship for quite some time. The thing is, you think that you might actually be straight. You're just not sure how to tell him.
Room created by Pixielaughs on Dec 4, 2003 02:12

Go Back A Room


Keep quiet for now, the relationship will end itself.

Get drunk and tell him you're straight.
by Rpgxper on Jan 29, 2004
by CJW on Jan 16, 2004
by dazzle on Jan 10, 2004

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