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the sommoning

1 sommoned person cant resist quest
2 cannot kill master, or self
3 will return to earth if they die
4 can be sommoned any time
5 can pledge allegance to a country
6 cannot kill teammates master
7 only titans can disobey
my name is drake monroe or that was my real name before i was a sommon which changed it was early summer the sun bright the heat high it woulda seamed like any other summer if all the news stations were not all over the whole magic disapearing thing. all around the west coast people kept disapearig and weeks later reapeared claiming they were sommoned for months by litle people. not only that but hidden passedges in pyramids, castles, and temples started opening up on the same date in these passages calenders and stuff say that there is 13000 sommonable people but so far we only have 10,000 reports. i originaly thought this summer couldnt get weirder but it did. at first my day was boring i was doing chores during a hot summer day and was whining the whole way as i scooped water out of our pool. every summer my family does this so by summer we can swim but this summer a purple glow rippled around me as i disapeared into nothingness.

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