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Sonic World Adventure Rush!

Prologue: The Babylon Rouges are once again trying to find ancient treasures of their homeland. Jet's studying of Babylonian history points them to the Etemenanki, thought to have been destroyed. With the Chaos Emeralds in hand, the rouges set about to summon their Babylonian deity, Marduk. But they unleash something far worse...

Sonic the Hedgehog: Finding his vacation interrupted by Classic Badniks and other strange events, Sonic sets about to make things right. But constant foes itching for a challenge keep getting in his way, and a mysterious albino hedgehog seems to be up to no good.

Shadow the Hedgehog: Content with his career choice as an agent of Soleanna, a place only he remembers, Shadow gets pulled into a coverup investigation that may answer some more questions about his past, or uncover something far worse.

Silver the Hedgehog: Silver woke one morning to find the future in bleak ruin, with the world being torn apart further by a war raging between demonic beasts and robotic warriors. Traveling to the past once again, Silver gets a few surprises, and learns this mission isn't going to be as easy as he thought.

G-Mel's Story: He was content with being Cream's friend and bodyguard. But a mysterious voice compelled him to investigate his past as a Gizoid, and venture into the Twilight Cage for answers. But G-Mel doesn't realize that he's only part of a grander scheme.

LAST STORY: The mind shattering conclusion sees five super beings taking on the ultimate evil!
End Of Story