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Sonic World Adventure Rush!

"Hey, Sonic! I see you're ready to learn how the COMBAT SYSTEM works! Well, lucky for you, I've built some test robots for you to practice on!"

Tails pulls down a chart and points to it. "But first, we have to cover your COMBAT STATS. These are what you use in fights against enemies.

First up is your HEALTH METER. If this depletes to zero, then it's game over! So try and keep an eye on it!

Health depletes outside of battles too, so be careful!

Next is your POWER POINTS. These are earned though various means, and allow you to perform SPECIAL ATTACKS that do more damage than a regular attack.

Next is your DEFENSE. This allows you to sacrifice a combat turn to build up Power Points. You recharge one Power Point for every successful block, but cannot exceed your maximum amount.

Then there's your ARMOR. Your armor is directly proportionate to the amount of RINGS you have. But don't think that a large amount of Rings makes you invincible! Failing some Vital Stat rolls, falling into certain traps, getting caught by an enemy you tried to flee from, and armor piercing attacks; make you loose all your Rings!

And finally your LUCK. This also works outside of Combat too. Occasionally you'll be prompted to test your Luck to see if you survive an attack."

Tails pulls the chart back up and presses a button, opening a door to the training area.

"Follow me!"