[Bet you didn't see this comming]

You decide to break away from the group. "What the hell you doing Spitfire!" yells Jackal, "Turn your ass around now!"

You reach down to your leg holster and pull out your .45 handgun turn and blast Jackal right in the helmet. He slumpts foward dead.

"Ghost Rider 2, is everything alright?" request tower control.

"This is Commander Valeski of the United Regime of Freedom Fighters, I have taken control of this plane and claim under the URFF." you respond back. You bank your new plane and kick in the after burners as you hear the tower command the other three to take you out at all cost.

You flank back toward your headquarters as fly out of reach if the other three and switch over to the other frequency and advise them to change the coarse for movement of the missle that they will be attacked if they don't.