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This is a great story! Keep up the good work. UwU
by FizzWolf on Feb 27, 2019
it is a good story but could use better punctuation, grammar and capitalization.
by borritoboss on Jan 22, 2019
by silentninja on May 3, 2010
kick ass man just one thing THERE IS NO ENDING.
by Bigbadmonkey on Jan 25, 2009
there are a few typos but other than that it is prity kool
by zaphod54 on Apr 18, 2008
Normally, this would just be a 9 as usual for a good NCPolice story with the usual spelling errors...

but I let the anger sharks swimming in my head convince me that the general shittiness of the movie had somehow rubbed off on this story.

by michaelrayholt on Aug 7, 2005
by Karold on Nov 26, 2004
Badass story man. I just don't know enough about that stuff to add good rooms.
by packratt5454 on Sep 24, 2004

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