"Awesome, today is the day," you think. You are so built up with anticipation, you have been waiting for this day for several years now. You have completed all your training and tests and are now an official Universal Ranger.

As you recline back into your comfy bed, you stare around your room for the last time. You were assigned this room five years ago when you enlisted in the Ranger Academy and in time, it has been decorated and arranged to your liking. You almost feel resentful having to clear out all of your belongings within the next two months, but as you look on the bright side, at least you'll be able to live somewhere better now. But you'll worry about finding a new home after your first assignment is over, for your new assignment is the only thing on your mind right now.

You glance over at the wall to your left where posters of your favorite music groups like "AsterBust" and "Tez Mandell and the Thrashers" are pinned up. On the right wall, a poster of your favorite holofilm "Blood Thugs" hangs. Blood Thugs has been your favorite movie since you were young, you always found it fascinating how it was actually filmed on the unstable planet of Mahqua. Mahqua had been having serious problems with war, crime, and famine and was considered "Very Hazardous" at the time according to the USR(Universal Safety Rating).

You now get up from your bed and stretch. You throw on some fresh clothes and check yourself in the mirror, making sure you look ready to accept a life-threatening mission.

But you presume, such is the life of a Universal Ranger. It is what you dreamed of being as a child, and finally you have achieved your dream. You always knew that adventuring would be dangerous, but now the reality of having the possibility of death seems unnerving.

But gathering your wits, you leave your room and traverse the halls of your dorm facility. You step out onto the street and walk down the road a couple buildings till you get to the administration building. You enter it and inquire to see "Marvus Delko", the Universal Chief who will be issuing your assignments.

As you travel up the elevator to his office, you take a deep breath. Yes, you know you are ready to be a Ranger and in a few moments, you will be able to decide your next adventure...

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