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You have just graduated from the Naval Academy and have finally been awarded the academy's Top Gun, the best fighter pilot in youir class.

You are a Captain in the Navy and have been assighned to the USS Mirage, an aircraft carrier who has been know to be sent out to the most deadliest parts of the world currently engaged in wars.

You are assighned as a pilot of an
F-14E Tomcat. One of the most deadliest weapon's the USA has in thier arssonal of weapons. Your call sign is "Spit Fire" a name you got when you had fired a rocket and had it misfire as it blew up in front of your jet as you flew through the flames unharmed. You fly with several other pilots who are all part of the Navy Grey Ghost Squadron.

You first report on deck of the USS MIRAGE at a prompt early 0600hrs to the Admiral of your division, Admiral King.

You walk in and snap a crisp salute "At ease, Captain I'd like you to meet your new Co-Pilot who will be flying with you. This is Lt. Jenkins who we like to refer to as "The Jackal" He basically likes to hunt down and feed off what others had already killed.

You shake his hand and you both walk back to the ship barracks where your new room is for the next 6 months, and you unload your gear.