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You have to admit, this is a lot more fun than you thought church services were going to be like. Anything could happen right now. There is chance involved. There is real threat involved here, so it shows that these people really know deep down that they have nothing to lose.

The people whose heads were tapped by the Father scramble to the front of the room. Each one is given a makeshift weapon. The first one in line, a young boy, was given a board with a nail. There is something satisfying about seeing an adolescent boy beat down the beast that has you holed up here.

It didn't take long before the zombie's body was destroyed. Still, follower after follower came up and slammed some now broken weapons into the heap of flesh on the floor.

Only three dozen or so followers had been lucky enough to be chosen to fight the monster. Maybe they'll have one next week, and you'll get your chance? Doubtful. The Father had told you how this day was special.

There was a sermon following the destruction of the demon. Again you were surprised how much sense these things made. Perhaps you should have given the New Church a fair look earlier.

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