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A Follower of the New Church?

It can't hurt to try new things.

"I'll go. I've got nothing else to do."

"Cool." He says - He's easy to talk to. "Nice view, huh? Oh, my name is Jason, by the way. I am Father Jason in service, though." He winks. "I'll see you there."

You spend some time skipping stones into the Ocean's waters and then depart when you notice Father Jason retreating back to mid-Metropolis. You know your way to the church, but decide to follow Father Jason anyway.

You can't help but to scan around to make sure no other Guard members are around. The Guard and the New Church seem to oppose each other almost habitually. Being spotted entering the church could do a number on the relationships you have with your fellow Guardsmen.

You don't see anyone and follow Jason all of the way up to the main gates of the holy site, where he invents a key from somewhere inside of his loose cloak and unfastens a large lock on the main door. With a push, the oak doors drift open. Father Jason walks to a large platform in the center-back of the church and then disappears behind a velveted display. You find a seat off to the side on a wooden bench and wait patiently.

Soon, citizens file in, taking up places in clumps and clusters. It takes less than ten minutes for all of the bench seats to be taken up completely - late worshipers make peace leaning against walls.

The high-pitched adjusting of a loudspeaker silences mumblings in the crowd. A man wearing the same purple cape as Father Jason run from behind a curtain and jumps in front of the crowd in an almost comical manner.

"Greetings! Everyone!" His voice permeates the entire hall, "The service today will be run by Father Perish and I, and boy do we have a treat for you! Now, I'm going to let you all fester a little bit - make you wait and wonder. Right now, please donate any spare rations you have to the church and to god!"

Four young boys walk from the back and into the crowd, carrying wicker baskets on a stick. They do a full sweep of the church and return with their baskets brimming with breads and meats and delicious things. The man in the front with the purple cape smiles.

"Now typically I would gather you all in song and then read a sermon, but today is special. Rather than let you all fester with suspense; I'll let you in on the secret." With a wide grin and a bow, he stretches his arms toward a plain door comfortably standing behind the main stage.

The eyes of every follower of the church are trained in silence, drilling imaginary holes in the door. The church is so silent, the hidden sounds from behind the door break through. You hear bumps and scrapes and a jingle.

Silence; then finally the door opens to reveal a familiar shape and color. A heavily chained zombie lumbers out of the door, a human foot flashing for a second behind the zombie in the trail end of a kick. The zombie bends forward from the blow. The chains save the beast from meeting the floor.

The audience murmurs in approval.

"This is the demon that is our oppression!" The voice of the minister booms as he backs up, away from the zombie "We are all sinners here! We are all sinners or we would be in a better place right now!" His tongue flickers with each important syllable, "Our judgment is past and WE SUF-FER ON EARTH!"

The crowd goes wild; standing and jumping, raising their arms and shouting as loudly as they can. The voice of the preacher still breaks the cacophony, "Who shall cast the first stone against our oppression? Who will break this blight to our peaceful existence?"

A second pastor, whom you suppose is Father Parish, runs in front of the mass of believers. He touches the heads of various believers and these select few jump over any wooden bench barriers in their way. The selected make their way to the stage with the monster.