Typical day of a HITMAN

A loud sound awakes your sleep. You reluctantly awake up, and realize the sound that woke you up was a alarm clock. You approach it and turn it off. You observe that the current time is 6:50. You take a walk over to the window, you look out and see the sun rising over the busy city of New York. You tilt your head down, your hotel room is on the 6th floor. You see the street busy with many cars, you see that a lot of the cars are yellow taxi cabs. Pedestrians flood the street already you then walk over to the bathroom and commence in having a shower. After you are done of having a shower, you put on your Carbon black suit. You wear a Maroon coloured tie, and make sure you are properly armed seeing in as you are a hit man. You feel that you are actively armed with a M-9 Bretta that has a sound suppressor. You also have a very sharp K-Bar knife from your old army days. You also have a small black pouch that has 2 syringes in it. With it you have 2 vials, one with is filled with potassium chloride, a poison that could kill someone in matter of seconds, and a sedative to knock out guards or other people that need to be knocked out. You seem to notice that you rarely use the sedative. You go over to the T.V and attempt to check out of the hotel from the T.V. With 3 unsuccessful attempts you begin to become frustrated with the check out system. You call the help desk and the sort it out. You finally become able to check out. You go to the closet and pick up a metal sliver brief case. You open it up to make sure that your spare outfit is in it. You close the brief case and lock it, you walk over to the very small counter and pour your self a coffee in a Styrofoam cup. You decide its time to leave now. But you wonder how shall you get to the street, you think to yourself that you can take the stair way, the elevator or you can try to jump out the window.