Death Song

You're not sure if the formal military life is for you. If you joined up you wouldn't be able to readily leave. You figure if you don't like life as a mercenary or it isn't working out for you, you can leave freely.

You explain your decision to join up with the mercenary company that's currently passing through. Your revelation comes as a shock. Your smaller brothers and sisters don't want you to go, your brother Mallack really doesn't want you to leave since he'll be next in line to take the brunt of the manual labor!

Your mother is a little apprehensive about your decision. You half expect her to say no, but she understands that you're doing this for the good of the family. She gives her blessing.

Before you leave the next day with your packed belongings, your whole family comes to say goodbye to you. You almost hesitate to leave, wondering if it would actually be better for you to stay. Your mother approaches you.

"You don't have to do this you know. We're doing just fine."
"Yeah, but things would be easier if this family had more money."
"Hah. Things are always easier with more money son, but you don't need to go and get yourself killed for it."
"Yeah, I know, but I've thought it through."
"Very well, you're old enough to make your own decisions and live your own life, though I'm glad to see that you still want to help the family as opposed to just leaving in the middle of the night."
"I'll visit and return with whatever my pay is whenever I can."
"I know…okay, you best get going. I think the mercenary company was leaving today."

You make you way to the local tavern and catch them just as they're getting ready leave. A lot of them look hung over.

"Hey wait up…" you say in a slightly loud tone, causing one mean looking mercenary to snarl at you.
"Shut the fuck up yokel! Shit, I got a splitting headache and it hurts like a sonofabitch."
"Sorry. Are you the leader of this company?"
"Leader of these dickheads? Naw. The Boss is actually visiting his family in the Zalan capital. We're going to meet up with him now and I suggest you get the fuck outta our way and not waste anymore of our time!"
"But I want to join you guys."

The mercenary you were speaking to looks at you then looks at a few of his buddies and begins to laugh louder than your voice which previously annoyed him.

"HAHAHA HAHAHA! Y'hear that fellas? This yokel wants to join us! Thanks a lot, I needed a good laugh, now go fuck your pigs or whatever it is you farm types do."
"But I'm serious…"
"Serious? Farmboy, this is a man's job and not for the fuckin' weak. You ever even use a damn weapon?"
"Yeah! I got this bow and this sword! I'm a really good shot!"

The mercenary still looks unimpressed.

"Uh huh, yeah well you ever kill anyone, hell you ever kill ANYTHING? And I'm not talkin' about any of your livestock you might've slaughtered. I mean something sentient."
"Well yeah, I've killed Kobolds that were trying to steal chickens from the…"

The mercenaries begin to laugh again.

"Oh shit, you are priceless boy! My sister can kill fuckin' Kobolds and her only talent is whoring."
"Haha got that one right, Dimitri." Another one of the mercenaries agrees.

Suddenly the laughing stops.

"What the fuck did you just say Fermeli?"
"Uh, I was just agreeing with you…c'mon don't take it like that! I mean you said…"
"Ain't about what I said, it's about what YOU said! You called my fucking sister a whore! You ain't getting' away with that shit."

Dimitri draws his sword and stomps over to Fermeli who is trying to get one of his buddies to help him, but everyone else is backing away from the fight. Dimitri takes advantage of Fermeli's state of panic and slashes him good with his sword.

Fermeli cries out in pain and begs for forgiveness. Dimitri looks like he's going to finish him off, but then turns to you.

"You want to join hayseed? Kill this piece of shit then."
"Huh? I mean…" you utter in confusion.
"Did I stutter pig farmer? Kill this… AARGH FUCK!"

Fermeli has now taken advantage of Dimitri by shoving a dagger into his leg and scrambling to get up

"Yeah! Take that! How's that feel?" Fermeli taunts and draws his own sword in an attempt to kill Dimitri

At this point you unwisely step into the middle of this fight.

"Hey hold on, the pair of you are even now…"
"Fuck off pig farmer! You want some of this now? Yeah, let's see how much of a killer you are!" Fermeli says who doesn't look frightened of you at all and heads in your direction.

"Hey wait I don't wanna…"

You barely dodge his sword swipe to your head. You roll out of the way and quickly grab an arrow and shoot it at Fermeli with your bow, hitting him square in the neck. Some blood spurts out and a surprised look on his face is displayed and then he falls dead. You've killed him. You've never killed anything before that wasn't a Kobold or livestock. You feel weird.

In the meantime Dimitri gets up and pulls the dagger out of his leg and looks over at Formeli's body.

"Heh, maybe you are a killer after all pig farmer. Well it seems we got an opening now. Take whatever he had as your own. You killed him, you earned it. Welcome to the Chimera Mercenary Company!"

While you MAY be in, you're not necessarily sure if you want in. This may be a bit too much for you.

You have 2 choices: