A Man's Change

"I... guess we could go out," you say lamely, trying to process everything.

"Are you sure, Daisy?" your 'boyfriend' asks with a smirk. "You know I wouldn't want to force you..."

"No, I want to," you affirm, wanting to punch him in the face even as you know he could take you in an instant.

"That's good," he smiles, reaching into a nearby shopping bag. "Because I have some great pieces for you." He pulls out a skimpy red top and black miniskirt. "You like?"

You gulp. You'd never even sarcastically suggest your girlfriend wear anything as bad as this! "Uh, yeah," you mumble. "They're great."

"Hmm, I'm detecting a lack of enthusiasm," he notes. "Perhaps you would prefer these?" he pulls out a pair of girl's jeans.

"Yeah," you say with relief. "Those are much better!"

"They go with this," he grins evilly and pulls out a hot pink collar with a large tag reading: SLUT He raises a matching pink leash and pretends to say romantically, "So you always stay by my side..."

You stare at it in horror. That would be SO humiliating! "I think I like the skirt better," you say meekly.

"Aw, you don't have to do anything for my sake, Daisy," he mocks. "I would never let you wear something that feminine unless you really want to explore your womanhood to every degree."