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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red

You decide to go back and question the Misdreavus. When you walk back over, you find a very startling sight. So startling, in fact, that you stand there with a dumb look on your face for a minute before regaining your composure. You blink a couple times, yet it is still there; Pikachu and Misdreavus are talking like old friends! Now you're really confused.

Pikachu: "...So I was like, 'No you didn't!' and she was like, 'Yep!' and I totally flipped out! It was so funny!"

Misdreavus: "Hahaha! Remember that one time when-"

Charmander: "Umm...ahem. Hi?"

Misdreavus: "..."

Pikachu: "Don't you remember Misdreavus?"

Charmander: "No..."

Pikachu: "How could you not?!? It was only a few days ago. Do you really not remember escorting Misdreavus to her son through the Sunny Tree?"

You stand there and blink again. So Misdreavus is Donphan. Now your really concerned. You start getting antsy.

Charmander: "Oh yeah. Hi. How are you and your son doing? Um, hey, did you come visit us last night? I thought I saw you, but I don't remember."

Misdreavus: "Yes, I was at your base last night."

Charmander: "Did you want something?"

Misdreavus: "I was going to bring my son by to see you two, but you were asleep, so we left. Is that ok?"

Charmander: "Yeah. Fine. Look, its been nice talking to you, but we've really got to go. So have a good day! Bye-bye!"

You grab Pikachu's arm and start pulling him away from a very confused looking Misdreavus, towards the Lone Rock looming in the distance. After a few yards, he pulls his arm away, stops, and looks at you intently.

Pikachu: "...You've changed. What's up with you?! You used to be so laid back and cool, but now you've been really stuck up and tight! Not to mention the fact that you think I'm insane and keep talking to thin air! I want you to tell me what's going on with you!"

Charmander: "Look, now's not the time. I'll tell you later. Promise. Now can we keep going?"

Pikachu: "*sigh* I suppose. But only because somewhere down inside you, I still think there's a bit of the old you, and I trust that old bit. Now, where is it we're going again?"

Charmander: ""

The two of you stop and gaze up at the enormous looming rock above you. It towers above you like a giant, even larger than Giant Psyduck. Although it looks any other enormous rock, there is something about it that you just can't pull your gaze from, or put your finger on. Eventually, you look to Pikachu, who turns to you, and nod. The two of you start to walk towards it when you hear a noise behind you. Turning, you find...