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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red

Whiscash: "Will you ask Psyduck to go on a date with me? I think she's kinda cute..."

Pikachu: "SHE?!? Well, there is no way in hell I am climbing up that damn Tree again. You can go do it yourself, you fat coward!"

Charmander: "Geez, Pikachu. What's up with you? Sure, we'll go. We'll leave tomorrow morning."

Whiscash: "...Thanks..."

You two go back into town, with the intention of buying some items for tomorrow's trip. When you get there, though, you find the town deserted; it's dead silent. You look around, and call out names.

Charmander: "Hello?...Kecleon?...Wigglytuff?...Granbull?..."

Pikachu: "Well, this is more than a little creepy."

You decide to go back to your base and are just about to leave with your leftover items, when you hear someone.

???: "There's no one here; they're all gone-"

Pikachu: "Well thanks for making that obvious..."

???: "-I know where they are, though. I can help you find them."

Charmander: "So, who exaclty are you?"

???: "That is not important. If you turn around to face me, I will attack you. Now, I want you to lead me to your base."

You find this an extremely odd scenario. On one end, this Pokemon wants to help you, but on the other, he will kill you if you look at him. So what do you do?