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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red

Team Um decides to pick up the Pass Scarf, Pure Ribbon, and the Big Apple, then climbs up the stairs before the Kecleon catch them. You take the pure Ribbon and tie it around your neck, then give Pikachu the Pass Scarf.

Charmander: "Here Pikachu. You deserve it."

Pikachu: "Aww, thanks bud!"

You quickly help Pikachu tie the Scarf around his neck, then keep moving. You make it up another 14 floors without much of a problem. Along the way, you eat the Big Apple you picked up, and find only 1746 Poke. When you reach floor 75, the three of you find a locked door.

Pikachu: "*trying to open the door* What the fuck?!? Why won't it open"

Charmander: "Uh, Pikachu? It's locked..."

Pikachu: "Oh, I knew that...What do you think is behind it anyways?"

Donphan: "Hopefully a razor..."

Charmander: "Shut up Donphan. It looks a little rusty around the hinges, see? I wonder if one of our attacks would be powerful enough to open it?"