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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red

I've turned into a Charmander! I didn't even notice that my tail is on fire, you think to yourself. You swish it around, and catch a nearby twig on fire! Crap! you think as you try to blow it out. Fortunately, the fire didn't get a chance to get started, so no damage was done. You look around and make out what appear to be buildings in the distance. Well, you think, I better get started, so you head toward the town.

As your walking, you realize that you hear another sound: footsteps. You stop, and the footsteps stop too. Okay, you think, this is a little freaky, so you start walking faster than you were before. the footsteps follow you. Damn stalkers, you think, and turn around. SMACK!!! Something just threw a rock at you! Now your headache is worse than before, and you look up to see another Pokemon.

???: Jesus Christ, I finally got your attention! I've been following you all fuckin day and you just now decide you're going to fuckin turn around!

What's this guy's problem? you think. He obviously needs anger management classes...

???: Anyway, what I wanted to ask you is if you wanted to start a rescue team with me?

This caught you completely off guard. "What?!?"

???: I wanted to know if you wanted to start a rescue team with me. You see, I really like helping Pokemon in need, so I've been looking for someone to make a rescue team with. Everyone around town is either really weak or part of a team already. I saw you lying in the grass this morning, and I thought you looked kinda strong, so I decided to follow you and see if you wanted to form a rescue team with me.

Deciding that you have nothing better to do, you say, "Ok. I guess. Sure"

???: Yay! I'm so fuckin happy! By the way, I'm...