A Man's Change

You tell her the truth, and to your surprise she believes you. However, she whispers a story about how 'she too' was abducted by aliens, so you have doubts about how much she really understands.

"Class?" she calls out. "Julian Miller has been transformed into a girl. I trust that you will all treat her with the same respect as you would should she still be male." She turns to you, "Honey, if you have any concerns about your new body, don't hesitate to talk to the nurse. Please take your seat."

"Thanks, Miss Parker," you say as you walk to your seat. Your face grows red as you realize everyone's staring at you. You find yourself unable to concentrate on the lesson, and you doubt anyone else can either.

When class is over, you are pulled aside by Mike Henderson, a somewhat overweight nerd. "Is it true?" he asks you doubtfully.

"Yeah, it is," you tell him. "I was a guy last night and today I'm a girl."

"Huh," he mutters, deep in thought. "Could you do me a favor?"

"Sure," you reply, happy to help.

"I'm never gonna get a girlfriend. EVER," he affirms. "Do you think you could let me kiss you? Please?"

You look at him startled. Although you're now a girl, you find the idea of kissing a guy a bit disturbing. On the other hand, you know what it's like to be a guy and you can help Mike experience something all guys should. You open your mouth to answer...