Many kingdoms, empires, city states, oligarchies, and the like exist on the continent, but even though they all compete with each other there is one pact that none of them break.

No dabbling in the dark arts ever. This means no summoning creatures unnatural to the world, but more importantly no Necromancy. Typically such a wide spread pact would normally be dismissed and broken by one government at some point in time, but so great was the threat long ago that for the good of all living creatures this one treaty has ALWAYS been upheld.

Long ago, there was a war called the Dead War. How it began exactly is unclear, but it was a time of great violence, chaos and horror. The very existence of life was nearly extinguished and it was only due to several heroes that the Great Lich Lord (His real name is lost to history) was finally defeated, putting an end to this threat.

Ever since those dark years, the art of Necromancy has been outlawed and any tome containing the teachings of it, destroyed. In the events of the undead being spotted, nearly no effort is spared to destroy such creatures. Most of the time such events are caused by simple magic leaks, or magical experiments that accidentally raise such undead creatures, but investigations are typically done, just to make sure there isn't a budding Necromancer at work.

"Higher" forms of undead such as Vampires still exist, but as can be expected they have been forced to hide, most have been reduced to being little better than ghouls that live in a dark hole in the wilderness and constantly having to stay one step ahead of nosey adventurers. Liches supposedly no longer exist, as any discovered Necromancers are killed long before they can reach such power.

Still rumors always abound about some Lich in some obscure part of the world that is slowly building up another undead force in yet another attempt to destroy all life.

The Dead War may long be over, but the fear of a second one will forever loom over the world.