Darkness and Light

"What?" The man is startled by your outburst. You quickly take advantage of the opportunity, grit your teeth against the pain, and leap towards him. You punch him in the forearm, sending the cross flying into the bushes. The man howls in pain clutching his arm, and falls to his knees.

"He was a coward, and tried to use his girlfriend as a shield, when he realized who I am. He said you were a Hunter, though not much of one from what I can see."

"You lie!" the man shouted angrily. For a second, you thought he would come at you, but then he slumps down and begins to sob. "Oh Steve..." he cries. You feel a twinge of sympathy for the man, and even guilt at what you had done.

By now a small group of onlookers had formed to see what the commotion was about. You hear a few murmers about your pale skin.