Darkness and Light

Talon is much stronger than you. There is no way you can overpower him by yourself.

Still squeezing your throat, he lifts you up high in the air. With inhuman strength, he throws you back down, bashing your head against the hard root of a tree.

You grab a twig with your hand and break it with a snap, then let your whole body go limp.

Talon looks surprised for a second, then gives your limp body a swift kick, muttering in disgust. "You're weaker than I thought.. I broke your neck so easily. I wanted to have some fun first." He shrugs and flies away to cause more turmoil. All vampires turn to dust a few minutes after being destroyed. Luckily Tagon didn't bother to stay and make sure.

He was planning to scare some humans and make them aware of vampires existance... and frame me for it, thinking I was dead. But why? That would lead to an all out war between humans and undead. And how did he get here without the Vampire Lords knowledge? Are one of them in league with him and in favor of an all out war?

There are so many questions.. and you have no idea where to start...