Darkness and Light

"Well, only a few more hours until sundown. Are you nervous? I heard you tossing and turning in your coffin all day! Were you having daymares again?"

"No, I'm fine" You shout angrily at your mom. Well, you shouldn't call her that- vampires don't really have moms. She's your sire or siress or whatever. Apparently, she was you mother when you were human though.. although you can barely remember anything about your human life. You were told that your family had a long history of health problems and you were only 20, but already on your death bed when a "doctor" showed your mother a "cure". Becoming a vampire cured all past and future illnesses. You have a nagging feeling that there is something else vitally important about your past though.. something that even your mother doesn't know...

"-one year extension, You're still not as strong as most vampires and you haven't quite gotten the hang of flying yet." She looked more scared than you felt... and that was really saying something.

"I'm fine" You shout angrily again. If you ask to wait another year to take your test, the others will scorn you even more. It HAS to be tonight... right?

You have 2 choices: