A Man's Change

Having little choice, you slip off your pants and boxers. You stare at your manhood, wondering if this is the last time you'll ever see it, and then slip on the black panties. The changes happen almost immediately, your legs slimming and your hips widening. Then the buldge between your legs starts shrinking, and you close your eyes tightly as you feel the last of your masculinity disappear.

And then it's over. You open your eyes to see the area completely smooth. You look back in the mirror and see nothing but an extremely sexy topless woman and, despite your horror, feel aroused. Shuddering, you grab the bra with your slim female hands, each long fingernail painted pink, and try to put it back on. This is much harder than it looks, and it takes you a while to get in on correctly.

"Jessie better have something really fun planned," you mutter in your new voice, opening the door.

You gape in surpise as you look upon...