A Man's Change

"Police business is a very serious matter," the officer at the desk tells you. "We do not have time for games."

"But it's true!" you insist. Instead of just going to school as your 'worst enemy' instructed, you took a detour for the police station for help. However, it seems your pleas for help will be ignored.

"Miss, I have work to do. Leave."

Sighing, you start to turn away, when another officer approaches you. Unlike the woman at the desk, this man is dressed in a formal business suit. If not for the badge, you wouldn't be able to tell him apart from a normal civilian. "Hold on," he says, grabbing onto your arm. "I'm afraid you'll have to come with me."

"What? Why?" you ask in surprise, but the man doesn't answer. Instead, he pulls you down a corridor and into a dimly-lit room containing another closed door.

"Sit down, Miss," he tells you, gesturing to a chair as he locks the door.

"What is this about?" you ask nervously, sitting down.

"Unauthorised usage of transformation magic is a criminal offense," he informs you. "Whoever preformed this spell could go to jail for a long time. Where is the note they gave you, Miss Miller?"

"I tore it up," you admit, grateful that there was a branch of the police that can help you.

He sighs. "With that, I could have run tests to help us find them... Miss Miller, I could preform the magic to revert you to your original state. However, with your consent, we could bug you and send you to your high school, and see if we can catch this creep by having you play their game. What do you say?"