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Escape Artist

Welcome to Escape Artist, an illustrated text adventure where you will have to escape from various prisons. Please note this is not a story so if you are looking for an intricate plot, character development or any other such device you may be disappointed. If you do choose to rate this do not rate it on how good of a story it is but rather the quality of the game. I plan on trying something new this time and instead of having the reader record a series of numbers, conditions, items they attain, and events they occur everything will be done with different branches of the plot. This makes things much more complicated for the game designer but can make for a more enjoyable experience for the participant and makes cheating a lot more difficult. So without further introduction I present Escape Artist.

First you must choose a difficulty level appropriate for your level of escaping skill. The difficulties are described below along with a description of each difficulty.

Inexperienced Incompetent Moron- Finding your way out of a paper bag has always been a challenge, though with much effort and perseverance you have managed it before with minimal scarring.

Rookie- Only the most basic problem solving and navigational skills required. You are the equivalent of a lab rat trying to get to that piece of cheese.

Veteran- You've escaped before and are ready for a challenge.

Elite- You are one of the best and can find your way out of conventionally inescapable places.