A Man's Change

Opening your eyes to darkness, you blink them a few times, and manage to make out the outline of a door. It seems you're in your little sister's closet. Suddenly, the mad hamster attack comes back to you with a flare of pain on your finger.

"Ohhh," you moan, but quickly shut your mouth as you realize just how high-pitched your voice is. What did that failed science experiment do to you?

You try to stand up, but your head hits a low shelf, and you fall to your knees with a high-pitched squeal. Rubbing your head, you try to crawl forward. However, you feel your chest scrape against the floor for some reason. Confused, you bring a hand to your chest to feel large protruding mounds of flesh... like a girl's breasts.

Could that bite have turned you into a girl? you gulp. You reach your hand into your pants, but are unable to find proof of maleness and instead find proof of your new status as a female.

You quickly crawl to the door and manage to open it, crawling into your little sister's room - although it looks more like Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. "Sophie!" you yell angerly in a feminine voice. "What did you do to me?!"

"Calm down, big brother," says the young girl as she looks up from her computer. "Or should I say sister?"

"Sophie, you change me back right now, you hear!" you cry.

"Sorry, can't," she answers so easily that you highly doubt she feels anything but amusement for your situation. "I'm not even sure what caused it in the first place, and I certainly can't reverse the proccess."

You just stare at her as it begins to sink in. "I'm... stuck?"

"For good," she replies. "I've already begun hypnotizing our parents to make them think you were always female, but you'll have to deal with your peers yourself."

Sophie had learned to hypnotize people when she was seven. She could plant ideas in their heads to make them do whatever she wanted, and had obtained most of her equipment in that fashion. She had only told you about it after implanting a command that would supposedly make you strip naked and kiss everyone you see; you never told anyone.

"What, I'm supposed to go to school like this?" you exclaim, jabbing a finger at your breasts.

"Indeed," she answers. "I have send messages to the school, informing them of your change. Even I, regretably, cannot hypnotize an entire school. Therefore, you must learn to adapt to your new body alongside your peers."

"Oh, God," you moan, thinking of the humilation you will undoubtably face tomorrow being a guy turned into a girl.

"Now, Julia," she says, subtly changing your name into one proper for a girl, "I can implant a set of commands into your mind to help you function as a girl. You would automatically use the bathroom, dress, walk, speak, and flirt as a girl would. Or you could stumble around with no clue what to do. Your choice, big sister."