A Man's Change

You quickly grope for the pin, and pull it up.

"Hey!" the man yells, wrapping his arm around your torso.

You try to kick at him, but he pushes you to the floor and holds you down. As you struggle against him, you hear a strange clicking noise coming from somewhere. The man wraps his legs around your waist, and takes off your bra. You squeal as the cool air rushes over your breasts, and you hear the clicking sound increase. The man's hand squeezes your left breast, and you give a shout.

"Oh, ####, I think she woke up," you hear someone say loudly.

As the clicking suddenly stops, you realize that you managed to scream while still wearing the gag. No, you are not wearing a gag... or a blindfold. You open your eyes to see a half-naked teenage boy sitting on your hips... with his hand on your naked breast.

"Hey, get off of me!" you yell, sitting up.

He quickly stands up and begins getting dressed, saying, "I wasn't trying anything, I swear!"

Blushing, you cover your chest and look for your bra, "Then what..." you break off as you see another boy nearby, franticly hiding a camera. "Oh, you've gotta be kidding me..."

"We were just having some fun," the first guy protests, as you continue to search for your bra. "We found you passed out and tried to wake you, but you wouldn't wake up..."

"So you thought you'd strip me and take pictures?!" you yell.

"It was his idea," he points at the camera guy, who starts backing away.

"Oh no you don't! Give me that camera!" You abandon your search for your bra and just slip on your shirt, and walk over to him. He starts to run, and you give chase.

"Hey, you want this?" his friend calls after you. You glance over your shoulder to see him waving your bra about like a flag. You sigh as you contemplate your options...