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The Quest for the Crystal Sword

You follow the messenger to a large room filled with maps and charts. John ushers you in.

"Please sit," he says. You do so. "This is Rodger." He says.

You wait for him to continue.

"Rodger is fluent in the language of the Ancient Ones. He has agreed to interpret the writings on the maps."

Rodger begins, "Once there was a legend. It said that there was a special sword belonging to The Ancient King forged in the fires of Mount Listia . It's blade was of blue-violet crystal and it's hilt studded with amethysts and sapphires. Legend says that The Ancient King defeated all armies because he possessed the sword. It had magic that was immeasurable. All thought his rule would continue till he died of old age. But his nephew plotted against him. He killed the queen and her only son and stole the sword right from under the Ancient King's nose. They say that this brought the downfall of the kingdom. The Ancient King's nephew wasn't able to control the power the sword held and it destroyed him. Without a ruler the kingdom fell and was eventually split in many lands. The sword was lost and the world was in turmoil for many years. Over the years the legend has been passed down. Some believe its real but most believe it's a legend, and nothing more. Your maps here are proof to the former. It is said that whatever kingdom possessed the sword would be saved in troubled times. As you know, our kingdom is very troubled right now. With only one friendly border and the rest raiding us constantly, and the Southern Warlord trying to invade from our lands near the Red Southern Desert the kingdom is in mayhem. Our kingdom does not look hopefully to the future. We are being overpowered by the South."

John spreads the two pieces of paper across the table. "This is a map of the kingdom in the Ancient Days. It doesn't have roads or cities on it but it has important natural landmarks." He says. He points to an area on the map that is surrounded by mountains. "This is where it is said the sword is. It is said to be guarded by mysterious magical sources and that only the brave and loyal at heart will be able to prevail and reach the sword."

He points to the other piece of paper, "This is a map after the split up of the kingdom in the Ancient Days. It shows where all the borders were drawn."

Rodger looks down at the maps and heaves a long sigh. "There are few times that I regret my responsibilities to my family and my estates. This is one of those times. Imagine what this sword could do."

He looks up and says, "Good luck with whatever you do. I must leave now so I'm not late to my meeting with the king. Do not be foolish whatever you do. The magic that is spoken to guard the sword is not to be taken lightly."

At this he walks out leaving you and John. John turns to you and asks, "Well what are you going to do?"