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The Quest for the Crystal Sword

You are the realm's sole lady knight.

You are walking down the vast halls of the palace thinking about where you will go for your next adventure when a palace messenger comes running up to you.
He says that your friend, John, has finally found the translator you needed.

A month ago you were in the north with some of your fellow knights. You were fighting against a feared sorcerer. He set a trap for you and your friends and tricked you into entering a cave. He put an illusion in the cave that made it look like he was there. You and your friends were trapped in the cave and had to search for firewood (you would have frozen to death if you didn't start a fire [it was the middle of winter]). You and your friend John went looking towards the back of the cave and found an odd bundle of papers. They were a set of maps with ancient handwriting on them. You stowed them in your tunic and returned to the problem of fire wood. You and your friends finally got a fire started and were able to break out of the cave the next day and defeat the sorcerer who had come to check up on you and see if any of you were dead yet.

After that adventure you had been searching for someone who could translate the writings on the map.