A Man's Change

As you look at the dog, you find you have trouble staying awake. You lean back and close your eyes, letting yourself fall back to sleep. You later wake for real (?) feeling perfectly refreshed.

However, you realize you can't find the strange book anywhere near your bed. Deciding to look for it later, you pull off your blanket... and stare. On top of your chest are two large mounds of flesh... like a girl's breasts.

Gulping, you poke them with a slim finger. Yes, they are definitely real and yours. Trying to keep calm, you push yourself upright and look at the rest of your body: that of a girl's.

This is just another weird dream. you think to yourself. You'll wake up any minute...

However, a few minutes pass with no change, and you start realizing you may have to live with being a girl. You stand up and, after a minute simply staring at your new body, walk toward the dresser. Inside, you find all your clothes missing, and all sorts of girl's clothing in their place. You let out a whimper in a new high pitch, and stop in shock.

"Testing, one, two, three," you say in a feminine voice, feeling entirely alienated from your body.

Shivering in the cold, you turn back to your dresser, and contemplate what to wear. You consider wearing some of the sexy clothing you like to imagine girls wearing, but decide to put on jeans and a shirt instead.

You have a lot of trouble with the bra at first, but you eventually manage to get everything on. You walk in the bathroom and stare at the attractive girl in the mirror: you.

"I'm really a girl," you say in amazement, watching the girl in the mirror say the words alongside you.

You gaze at your new face, trying to memorize it. Suddenly, you hear your bedroom door open. You poke your head out the bathroom to see your mother standing in your room.

Looking at you, she says: