A Tale of Two Choices

Dorothea had heard that when lost, one should always find a friendly policeman.

"Excuse me sir," she said, tugging at the policeman's sleeve of his blue long-coat. "I'm lost, and wonder if you could help?"

The policeman looked down, and Dorothea saw a friendly twinkle in his eye.

"Lost? But how can you be lost in Trafalgar Square? This is the very heart of London. Now, where is it that you want to go?"

"Well, sir, my friend, Jane over there wants to be a flower seller, so maybe you could take us to a school for florists. And I want to find my family, and I hear Somerset House on the Strand is of help. You see, we have just escaped from a nasty, brutal workhouse," replied Dorothea.

The policeman's countenance changed in an instant.