YOU save the entire Universe!

You are a millionare playboy industrialist, the head of a vast global conglomeration. Powers are for losers: you have wealth. Now to use that wealth to help the War On Terrorism/ drugs/ commies!
Luckily, like all millionaire industrialists, you are also an inventive genius. Soon you have constructed a suit of mega powered battle armour with which to fight unamerican forces. You have a jet pack, with which to fly, energo techno gauntlets and a load of other stuff which will not be mentioned until later when you get stuck in an impossible situation and suddenly produce some "plot convinience gadget" to save the day in an unconvincing manner.
You stand proud. Defender of truth justice and the American Way as....
Sworn to protect the Stars And Stripes from terrorists, drugs, obscenity, free speach, alien invasion, repression of religion and corruption.
9:00 Tuesday. Your quest to rid the world of evil begins!
13:00 Tuesday. Still ready to combat evil.
16:00 Tuesday. Just let evil try anything now!
18:00 Thursday. While working at (your name) Industries, a visitor arrives. A mister Ahmed Ben-Abhoob. A middle eastern gentleman, claiming to represent a Saudi business interest. He is accompanied by a beautiful companion, who eyes you mysteriously... Her name is Miss Pseudonym.