The Pattern

As the letter unfolded, it revealed a small plastic card much like those used at hotels as door keys. It was attached to a soft cord tied in a knot. It would easilly fit over the head to rest around the neck. The letter beneath it made no reference to the card at all, or what to do with it.

Many warm greetings!

I am most pleased you have come to join the Pattern. Behold a tapestry, with threads of many colors wound in many directions. You are a thread, a vibrant new thread yet to be tied into place.

This is but the first opportunity to demonstrate your worth for us at the Pattern. Your goal is to discover why the others in the room were chosen. They are your team, and you will work with them in all future projects.

To assist in your discovery you have been given a pass to training facility One. Your escort will arrive in half an hour. Please report to your bed chamber and put on the Green jumpsuit labeled with your name and number.

Thank you,

Evan H. Carlew
Training Instructor Three
The Pattern