Then you change your mind. "Vader, I want to go after that Mig."

"What? No! The other guys could be in trouble!"

"And that Mig could be trouble to if we let him be."

"Spitfire, stay on my wing, we're going to help out the others."

"No can do." You pull away.

"What the hell? God damn it, Spitfire!" Vader reluctantly pulls in behind you.

You easily spot the other Mig, and angle yourself towards him, arming a sidewinder.

"Come on...come one..."

The Mig dances left and right, up and down, juking the hell out of you. You can't get a shot.

"Come on...come on..."

"Spitfire, break off from him, I've got a shot!"

"No, I can get him!"

"Obviously you can't. I can. I have a perfect shot. Break away!"

"I've got him!"

The Mig successfully pulls away, gaining altitude.

"Fuck!" you yell.

"Thanks a lot, Spitfire," says Vader, chasing after the Mig. He's able to get a lock and blows it out of the sky. "Now let's regroup with the others."

You have 1 choice: