A Man's Change

She smiles, "Need me to take it slow? Don't worry, I like that. Now close your eyes, honey."

You eagerly shut your eyes, waiting for her to begin. You can hear her shifting things around, and you wonder exactly what she has planned.

"Okay, Julian," she says mischeviously. "It's time for your lesson.

You open your eyes to see an open book in your face. You blink as you realize it is the same one from the other night. Sleepiness overcomes you, and not even the desire to see your girlfriend naked can keep you awake.

The next morning, you wake up in your own bed, once again finding you have mysteriously turned female overnight.

Was your girlfriend to blame for it all? Yes, no, maybe; you're not sure. In any case, you're certainly not walking to school today. You pick up the phone and wonder who to call and ask for a ride.