The Realms of Kitlance

The Kingdom of Lacoria is a small medevil kingdom. It is small but beautifully built by a great king long ago in ages that disappeared with the morning mists. Its towers are as white as ivory and touch the clouds. Its walls are not stone but many colored crystal with flute pipes in them. The pipes make a haunting song when the wind blows through them.
The City is divided into two halves the east and the west by the majestic river Alcaten.
The Ancient king that built this city was very wise for the river Alcaten was and still is a major tradeway for many different kingdoms because of this Lacoria recieves many vistors. The Noble Elven Nation comes from the Mystic Emerald forests of the north. The fun loving Dwarves hail from the mountain to the east and the Alkins come all the way from the sea to trade. That is just to name a few of the races that travel into the city.
Lacoria lays in the middle of all these countries but in all the history of the Kingdom they have never taken sides with any of them. Lacoria is a free trade kingdom that tries to stay out of the trouble with its nieghbors. Because of this the city enjoys the many treasures of all the kingdoms and has become very wealthy.
The wealth of the city does come at a price. There are constant power struggles for the crown of Lacoria and it is often changing kings. Also Lacoria is always under raid from those that wish to steal the wealth of the city. Sometimes a good King rules the city and sometimes a bad one does. Sometimes Lacoria falls to the raiders and other times it does not but one thing is for sure Lacoria has never disappeared completely. Its crystal walls shine brighter then any lighthouse in a sea of Chaos.
As far as the bards of history can tell the city of Lacoria has now been around for 542 years. For the last 35 of those years it as been ruled by the good king O'rane. O'rane is a wise king and the people are happy, but unfornately O'rane has never seen peace in his rule. From the first day that O'rane took the crown the Dark Elf tribes from the caves of Lucon to the east have been trying to raid the Kingdom. So far King O'rane has been able to sucessfully defend the city against the tribes but after his long reign King O'rane has fallen in battle.
You have just gotten news of it and your heart is saddened for you are the prince the king's son. Prince Kitlance of Lacoria.
Tommorrow they will bring the body of your father through the town to celebrate his life and then you will be crowned the new king.
Looking in the mirror of your bedchamber you run a hand through your long silver hair. You brush the hair out of your grief stricken face and behind your pointy ear. You are a half-elf. Your mother was Elven and your father was human.
Your face is the ageless face of an Elf but you are only 21 you are not ready to be king yet. There are so many thigns you still have to do. Oh well what can you do run from your fate? Well I guess you could....But these decisions would have to wait until morning you were very tired from the long and sad day.
After undressing you climb into bed and try to get some sleep you must be rested for tommorrow. Because your decision will change your entire life and the fate of the kingdom.....

You have 1 choice: