"We leave for Tor-Matu on the morrow," You announce.

Your companions look back at you blankly for a moment, sleep depravation robbing them of their wits.

After some time, Yornalla speaks. "Our fight is not with the wizard in Tor-Matu."

Alkar faces her, "We've talked about this. We have both presented our arguments. If Borkka believes the path to saving our village lies in Tor-Matu, then that is where we must go."

Yornalla frowns; "That doesn't make it the right path." But she argues no more for the night.

When the sun breaks over the sky, the three of you rise on weak limbs and walk through the foggy dream-like state that you've been in for two days. You started your journey from the village on horses, but realized the folly of that all to quickly when the steeds turned on you.

Whoever is controlling the dreams, can control the animals as well. And now they know that the three of you are searching for them. Hopefully they have lost track of your party by now. You look to the trees with suspicion, who knows how many eyes they have watching you...

Your feet are heavy, and your mind is numb with a lack of sleep. The longest you've ever been without sleep was a day and a night, and you ended up sleeping for much of the next day.

You look over at your companion as you move. Alkar has never been what you would call a friend to you. As you grew up in the village back home, he was your greatest rival. The two of you competed in everything.

Yornalla was once your woman.... Until Alkar came along. He stole her from you, and no matter how diplomatic and friendly he tries to be with you; you will never forget that. All you feel is pain when you look at Yornalla, where before there was so much more.

You think about Makka, the fourth man who avoided the initial take over of the mind. You traveled with him for a day, but he fell asleep in the night and rose from his slumber under control of whatever evil being was doing this. He attempted to kill you. To kill all of you.

But you stopped him before he could do anything. You caught him in the head with one of the spikes on your club. It was hard to do, but it had to be done. He was your brother; your flesh and bone.

You continue towards Tor-Matu on sore feet and heavy limbs. Your companions look equally weary. Alkar is far less graceful than ever. You try not to looks at Yornalla.

After several hours have passed you enter a slightly wooded area. She who was once yours calls your attention to a large brown mass which is thundering toward the three of you through the wooded foliage nearby. The bear bellows out a mad roar as it charges. The ground shakes under you with each step it takes.

Your club is in your hand as you back away from the bear's intended area of attack. Your companions do the same, Alkar with his spear at the ready, and Yornalla with an arrow already pulling at the thread of her bow.

The bear rushes in at Yornalla, who lets loose the arrow she had drawn, it's shaft thunks into the creatures shoulder and it lets out a cry of anguish but does not slow down it's pace.

If you attack it now, you should be able to get in at it's head. But you wonder how wise it is to expose yourself to the massive snapping jaws of the beast.

Perhaps you should wait a few seconds and attack it from the side where you will be out of it's jaw range and within reach of it's ribs.