Your name is Borkka.

You stare absently into the flickering depths of a fire. The night around you is pitch black. Your traveling companions; Yornalla and Alkar, keep their eyes fixed on the flames as well. None of you dare to sleep. It's been a while since any of you have sleeped.

Someone is controlling the dreams of your village. Only the three of you have not yet been affected. Yornalla and Alkar had been awake late at night; partaking in intercourse under the stars when the other villagers began moving around in their sleep. You were with a hunting party not far outside of the village; save for your cousin Makka, the rest of the party had been asleep. As one they rose from the ground where they slept and came after the two of you you.

They moved slowly in their sleep-like states, but they were intent on death and destruction. You and Makka had to kill the hunting party to survive. It was unavoidable, but that didn't make it any easier to accept. They were your cousins, your uncles, your fathers.

Last night Makka fell asleep and arose to draw his knife as he came after you. You tried to awaken him, tried to slap him back to consciousness; but nothing worked and eventually you had to kill him as well.

You don't know how many people Yornalla and Alkar have had to kill and you don't dare ask them.

Whoever is doing this controls even the animals, leaving the three of you to journey on foot. You've been awake for two nights now. Your mind feels numb and you want to succumb to slumber more than anything else, but you dare not.

A question is left still unanswered. Who is controlling your village's dreams?

Yornalla seems to think that the witch known as Velrye is responsible. The old woman lives in a hut secluded from society in the middle of the thickly treed forest known as Darkwood, two days from your village. She hasn't been seen since she attempted to poison the chieftain's brother. Alkar believes the culprit is a wizard who lives in the town of Tor-Matu, three days travel from your village. Malkarus, the wizard, has long been mistrusted by your village. Many citizens in Tor-Matu are equally mistrustful of his intentions.

Both locations are to the West of your village. But the trail splits not far from your camp. You will have to decide this night which path you take.

Who is controlling your village? In which direction do you head? The fate of your village is in your hands.