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The story of Mike

This story starts a little different then the rest. You're not trapped in a room, not being chased by zombies, or the end of the world. This story is the tale of a man, unlike many other who is in need of the answer. The driving force that keeps him going, keeps him moving down the dark and lonely road of nothingness. Our story begins with a man named Mike Lancaster, who like other people his age has no idea what is in store for them.

First let me tell you a little about Mike. Mike is 35 and a banker working in a small rural town in Kansas. He lives in a little apartment just a few blocks from the bank. He get up every morning at the same time, takes his shower, brushes his teeth, and puts on his suit for work. He then grabs his briefcase and checks his hair in the little mirror on the stand by his door, and then leaves for work.

What Mike dose not know is that his life is about to change. Things that he can not control are going to began to start. Slowly at first but then gaining speed as the shape of his life will change forever. He just dose not know it yet, and as some have said ignorance is bliss. Well not this time.

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