Days in the Dorm

By: Dragavan

Warning: This is an Adult story full of Adult material and Adult themes. Not much in the way of violence but strong on the sex and naughty words. If you are not an adult (18 in the USA) or not allowed to view Adult material for some other reason, or simply do not like Adult material in your fiction, please stop reading now and do not move on to the next page.

With that being said I am assuming that none of that applies to you if you are reading this line and moving forward in the story. So first I am going to give a little information on the main players and situations of the story. The subject matter is rather simple, being all about the nookie, but the characters are more than just puppets being controlled within it.

It starts on the campus of Western State College, a large liberal arts college somewhere in the northern half of the USA. WSC is located in a relatively small town, which nearly completely relies on the university for its survival. The campus is almost half the size of the town and there are more bars, video stores, and pizza joints than any town this size should have.

The date is somewhere in the late 90's, and our main character is you. You are Daniel, a young man fresh out of High School (after finally graduating in your fifth year) and looking forward to life away from home. This is your first time living away from home and you had hoped to get a dorm room all to yourself. Quickly in the story you find out that your hope is in vain. You only hope your other wishes about college life are not in vain as well.

Most of your life you have been a rather shy and timid person, allowing life to drag you along rather than leading it where you wanted to go. You haven't had much in the way of love experience, even though you did have two girlfriends in your time at high school, but you hope that will change in college. So far your past girlfriends have been more about control and less about passion, and you were never the one in control. That too you hope will change, since you would like a little passion in your life.

Soon you will meet your supporting cast of Roommate, neighbors, and friends. Samantha, the lovely sandy-blond haired girl who might become your roommate. Darline, her beautiful raven haired friend. Christina, the young redhead girl who lives in the dorm room next door. Not to mention the other students, teachers, campus security, and even the Dean of Students who you may have to deal with along the way. Together this luscious group builds the naughty tale that lies ahead of you.

If you have already finished Chapter One before, feel free to skip ahead.