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Just as a bit of information about this infinite story - you have the option to play one of four characters:

Asahi - A 19-year-old whose father was slain by Battousai during the Meiji revolution. She has never forgotten the sight of her dead father, and the face of the man who killed him is forever burned into her mind. Now, she only wants revenge. The weapons she carries are two daggers.

Takara - A 37-year-old warrior. She has quite a mysterious past which she rarely talks about. She bears a scar across her right forearm from a fight in the Meiji revolution. She wants an apprentice to train, and currently has her eyes set on Asahi. The weapon she carries is a katana

Kanaye - While this man lacks a certain intelligence, he makes up for it in his strength and kindness. While it's true that he's a member of the group of disgraced samurai, it's more because he's misinformed and naiive. He's 34 years old, and tries to take care of Asahi where possible. He carries a sword and two daggers

Ronin - The leader of the group of former samurai. Ronin is charming, cool, and generally polite. He'll order someone's murder with a smile on his face. His lust for power is out of control, and he will manipulate those with weak hearts. As a sign of his status as leader, he wears a pendant around his neck. His weapons are two swords crossed over his back.


Luck - Roll one dice. This is your LUCK total. When asked to test your luck, if the total is higher than your luck score, you are unlucky. If it is equal to or less than your luck score, you are lucky.

Skill - Roll one dice and add 6 to it. This is your SKILL score. Make a note of this - it is important while fighting.

Stamina - Roll two dice and add 12 to the total. This is your STAMINA score, which is rather important as well.


At various points, you will have to fight. Your opponents SKILL and STAMINA will be set out like this:

Former Samurai
Skill: 10
Stamina: 20

Roll one dice for you and add 6 to the number. If the total is greater than your Skill score, you have missed. If it is equal to or less than your skill score, though, it means that you have hit, so next, you will have to roll to see what damage you have done.

Roll one dice and add six to the total. That is the amount of stamina points that you should take off your opponent.

Next, do exactly the same thing for your opponent, following the same rules, only for him (or her) instead.

Well, now that that's everything covered...

You have 1 choice: