Assault of the Sorcerer Kings

Assault of the Sorcerer Kings

The Prophecy

On the day of nines will come alive a terrible evil.
Four sorcerer kings will rise an army of destruction to take the world.
From lands of endless sun will come the first sorcerer king, he who commands the dead.
From the sunless lands will come the second king, commander of the beasts.
From the low lands will come the third king, commander of the elements
From the high lands will come the fourth king, commander of the people.
To conquer evil must the lost warriors of Gorken rise, men of stone.
To conquer evil must the amor of Tikanir be recovered.
To conquer evil must the weapons of Losham return.
To conquer evil must the book of the ancients be found.


It has been translated through countless languages and is widely believed to be written in a long abandoned language from a culture long forgotten.

The prophecy has come to life. The first sign was the flood of people traveling into the center of the country with all the belongings they can carry. They spoke of recently deceased kin rising from the dead. The first of the travelers were labeled as crazy, but as more came in the truth became evident. The first of the Sorcerer Kings has risen.

With the first king active, the rest cannot be far behind. The problem is that there are many questions that must be answered in order to conquer the Sorcerer Kings. Where are these "lands" located? Where are the tools to destroy the evil forces? How far along is the evil uprising? Who are these Sorcerer Kings? Who are the lost warriors of Gorken? What or where or who are Losham and Tikanir? Where is the book of the ancients?

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