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1. A person regarded as foolish or clumsy.

2. A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits, but is felt to be socially inept.

3. A carnival performer whose show consists of bizarre and disgusting acts.

Your breath stinks from the foul things you've been eating and the rest of you stinks from not bathing in who knows when.

Your head hurts from the cheap moonshine you've been getting "paid" in.

Rubes often throw stuff at you and spit on you.

Most of the other Carnies find you utterly repulsive and avoid you, a couple of them just abuse you for various reasons.

On a good day, only the Pinheads come to your cell and taunt you with their gibbering laughs and mongoloid chatter.

You have absolutely no worth as a human being, you get no respect from others, and you have no respect for yourselfÂ…and why should you? You are the lowest form of life in Carney society. You're not a real performer; what you do can't really be considered a skill. You're not even a real freak. At least a deformed freak can evoke an emotion of horror, or pity, or even admiration for overcoming their condition. You weren't born "this way". You chose to do this. All you evoke is disgust and revulsion. At best you're laughed at and not in the good way like those pervert clowns you work with.

Fuck all that "Wildman of Borneo" shit that the Ringmaster tries to tell all the rubes. You're little more than a bum with a "job". A degrading job that involves you to debase yourself, all for the amusement and shock value of others, but hey it keeps a "roof" over your head and you pleasantly drunk enough to just barely forget how utterly pathetic your life is.

You are the GEEK.

You wake up to a bucket of piss being thrown in your face. Not the first time and certainly won't be the last.

"You like the taste of that Geek? Get up Geek! The Ring Master wants to see you!" Charley orders then he throws the empty bucket at your head. The comical sound it makes hitting your skull and the pain it causes makes Charley laugh. Then he jabs you a couple times with his pointed stick.

Midgets can be so cruelÂ…