PG: Violence,language
Mr. Shemaru stepped into the room. His eyes scanned the walls, scanned the floor, scanned the ceiling. A smile lit his pale face.

"Just as we said we'd have, Mr. Shemaru," the man near him said. "Thousands upon thosands of high-tech computers. All linked together to create a massive supercomputer. One capable of rendering a true three-dimensional illusion. In other words, a computer capable of creating another world that could be entered and exited at will."

The man motioned to Mr. Shemaru, indicating a gargantuan mass of tangled wires and computers in the middle, all strung together haphazardly. Mr. Shemaru's smile disappeared, although he still looked quite pleased. Shemaru stepped over a few cables, inspecting the centerpiece. He felt the wires with a certain tenderness, as if they were precious.

"This is good work," Mr. Shemaru nodded. "This is just what I need. I will pay Kimansi Industries the requested amount."

"Excellent. Mr. Kimansi shall be pleased as well. Now, what was it you said you were going to do with our product?"

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