Alpha Wolf

Fuck it, you don't feel like putting up with Erik's whining. You'll talk to him later when you're in the mood. You hang up and decide to engage in one of your favorite past time ever since you became part of "society". Drink. You head down to the bar in town.

When you enter you see it nearly empty. Usually there's someone here that you don't like which gives you an excuse to get into a fight. You sit down and order a Scotch. The bartender tends to let you just drink and cleans up the mess you make afterwards, but today turns out a little differently.

"Hey Wolf, some people have been wanting to see you." The bartender says nervously.
"Oh? Do these people have a name?" you ask downing your drink.
"Well they're in the bar right now actually, I think they're old acquaintances of yours."

You scan the bar, which doesn't take long considering its almost empty. And you'll be damned you see not one, but THREE people from the old days; you're surprised you didn't notice them before.

At a nearby table you see Dr. Henry Jekyll and Dr. Jack Griffin. Jack normally would be difficult to see in this dark lighting at the best of times, since he's invisible, but he's perfectly noticeable enough when he wears clothing. They see you and wave you to come over.

At a table in the far corner you see Dr. Alphonse Moreau. He looks like a wreck. He's obviously been chain smoking cigarettes and drinking a lot since he got here. He sees you and desperately signals you over like he needs your help severely.

While you're not surprised to see all these humans still alive (Mad scientists ALWAYS figure out how to extend their life spans past the normal human limit) you're just surprised that they all want to see you and it makes you suspicious. You've always been mistrustful of Mad Scientist types ever since your run in with Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

You turn to the bartender for more information.

"What the hell, is there a Mad Scientist convention in town or some shit? Why are they all here and why do they want me?"
"I dunno Wolf. I think its just coincidence. Henry and Jack say they got some sort of experiment going on and want your help on it. They know you've been needing some money lately and they're willing to pay you for your time. I think Henry wants to play catch up with you as well."
"Hmm, speaking of catch, there probably is one. So why's Moreau here? Same thing?"
"He wouldn't elaborate too much. He says he REALLY needs help with something, and it's not an experiment. He says he gave up trying to play God. I dunno what's wrong though you'll have to ask him yourself. He just said, he's willing to do anything for you if you help him.

Well this venture to the bar seems to have become potentially lucrative; the problem is you have to deal with a bunch of humans with God complexes. (You doubt what the bartender told you about Moreau, his type never gets out of the game completely) You decide to throw caution to the wind and take one of their jobs; you feel you'll be up to the challenge. After all its common knowledge of what you did to Victor when he tried to take advantage of you once.

All it comes down to is who you want to deal with.