Alpha Wolf

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by Cricket on Aug 27, 2019
Very inventive and well written. If so many bad stories get an 8, this deserves a 10.
by Thickskullman on May 21, 2013
Ha ha, very funny DEP.
by EndMaster on Jan 4, 2008
Because EndMaster told me to.

And he is the Master.
by Vesnicie on Oct 27, 2007
by donteatpoop on Oct 15, 2007
by Xamiza on Apr 4, 2007
You do good work End.
by apotheosis on Jan 19, 2007
I oncew mentioned to you that this was my favorite story you have ever put forth.., That was true until Ground Zero. But still, great work here. To think the Infinite Writing Tournament (an idea of mine, mind you) could have spawned such amazing stories as this is a testament to the genious of the person who came up with the idea for a tournament.
by donteatpoop on Jan 12, 2007
Hey there Handsome,
you know I love this story. I think it's one of the best on the site, and I can't let it go down in history without being rated!
by KatieWroteIt on Jan 3, 2007
by jeffisthebest on Jan 3, 2007

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