Alpha Wolf

"Oh boo fucking hoo, your latest Opera hasn't been doing too well lately. At least people are paying to see the goddamn thing! As bad of a composer, and musician you are, you oughta be glad anyone's even paying to see the goddamn thing! People don't want to see anything with me in it! And at least you've got another job to fall back on LIKE BEING AN AGENT THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING ME A FUCKING JOB!" you snarl.

There's some dead air briefly and then Erik begins talking again.

"You're right. I shouldn't be complaining about my problems to you. You of course know all about torment. A war that wages within you, a beast that…"
"Erik I've got no time and I'm in no mood to hear how we're supposed to be kindred spirits, you just better tell me you found something for me and it better not be another guest speaker spot at a comic convention!"
"Well let's see…I dunno. Werewolves aren't popular anymore you know…there might be something…here it is! It's called Wolf Pack."
"Pack? That implies more than one wolf on the set there Erik. Well I suppose I can share the spotlight with some others. As long as I'm in charge of course." You say.
"Er…well according to this, you'd be the old cranky grandpa wolf that makes a bunch of rude remarks."
"What?! What kind of stupid shit is that?"
"Yeah that's the stuff." Erik replies not catching on.
"I mean what the hell kind of movie is this?"
"Its uh…let's see…oh here. It's a horror comedy about a werewolf family and how they
adjust to human society. Looks like you'll be playing with a lot of young pups as you'd call them."
"WHAT?! NO! What the fuck Erik? I'm a fucking monster not something to be fucking laughed at! And they already did a movie like that a long time ago and it sucked!"
"Well that's all I got. Maybe you could talk to the director to make changes since they also wrote it. I'm sure you and her are familiar with each other. You had an affair with her for quite some time."
"Uh, you wanna narrow that list down Erik?"
"It's Mary. You know, the one who used to be married to Frankie, until your affair broke up both of your marriages?"

Erik's new information didn't exactly make you any more enthusiastic to want to take the job.