Alpha Wolf

The Phantom: Erik Claudin

Once known as the "Phantom". Erik was always a whiney wannabe monster. All he really was; was an ugly human who couldn't play the organ worth shit and was obsessed over some dumb French broad by the name of Christine Dubois.

He always insisted on hanging out with you back in the old days for some reason. He thought you and he had some sort of inner tortured soul connection. It was all you could do to keep from ripping his throat out half the time. Erik eventually got so desperate to write a famous opera he made deal with the Devil, who granted him all his wishes of being a popular musician and composer. (One of his wishes was also an extended lifespan so he could enjoy his success for a long time before going to his eternal damnation)

Of course any deal with the Devil has a catch. The Devil never promised him consistent success. So not all of his operas do all that well. The other thing was the French broad that Erik had the major hard on for never loved him even when he became famous, it turned out she was a lesbian. (One wonders why he just didn't just add her to the contract he made with the Devil. He says he wanted her to love him for "him" not through other forces. You just say he's a fucking idiot who forgot to ask) All of this only makes Erik more miserable of course. Still, it got him into the business and he became an agent in showbiz as a second job to make up for his losses on his operas. Your previous tolerance for his whining paid off when he offered to be your agent. He actually is a lot better at that naturally as he's been able to extend your career past its long over due life expectancy.

Lately though he's been as shitty of an agent as he is a musician, at least as far as you're concerned.

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